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Stranding Network Hokkaido (SNH) is collecting stranding information on the coast of Hokkaido Island, Japan.
The information is reported on the web in Japanese, but you would easily understand most of the important information with the hints below.
If you would like to use the information or photo on the web page, please contact us.
整理番号:Sample Number
発見日時:date and time found yyyy年mm月dd日
受報日時:date and time reported to SNH yyyy年mm月dd日
日本海Sea of Japan オホーツク海Sea of Okhotsk 根室海峡Nemuro strait
太平洋Pacific 噴火湾Funka bay 津軽海峡Tsugaru strait
緯度経度: lat. long.
状況・経緯:Situation and details
死亡dead 生存alive
新鮮Fresh 腐敗moderately decomposed 腐敗進行advanced decomposition
同時発見頭数:simultaneous discovery number of individuals
体長:Body length
鯨種:Species Name
通報経路:Report route
調査・採材:specimen collection